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Contact us to find the best superannuation fund for you

With so many types of superannuation to choose from, it can be a complex task selecting the best superannuation fund for you and your specific circumstances, especially when you throw SMSFs into the equation. But at Utopia, with our holistic approach to financial planning and accounting, we’re ideally placed to guide you through the entire process.

How superannuation works

Questions to ask when considering different types of superannuation

  • Would you like more control over your super?
  • Do you know where your super is currently invested?
  • Are you aware that you can borrow to invest within an SMSF?
  • Would you like to be able to invest your super in property?
  • Do you have enough super to retire comfortably?
  • Are you adequately covered for insurance?
  • Is your estate planning in order?
  • Do you have a Binding Death Nomination?

The key to choosing the best superannuation fund

Truth is, there’s more to finding the best superannuation fund or setting up an SMSF than a simple checklist. The advisers who are all accountants, have a wealth of industry experience and can explain the pros and cons of the various types of superannuation solutions available. But first we need a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation and financial objectives – so let’s talk.

Contact our superannuation advisers to arrange a free, impartial super review – there’s no obligation and it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss the types of superannuation available to you before deciding what’s the best superannuation fund or SMSF option for you.


Questions to ask regarding Estate Planning

  • Are your Wills up to date?
  • Do you have any Enduring Powers of Attorney in place?
  • Do you have any Advanced Health Directives in place?