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Australia, it’s time to explore and compare superannuation options

With current statistics for retirees making pretty grim reading, it’s time everyone in Australia – including you – took the time to compare the superannuation options available. More specifically, it’s time to find the best super option for you, from managed superannuation funds to self managed super funds (SMSFs).

Here to help you compare superannuation options

We have a specialised division which provides consulting advice, portfolio management and compliance administration services for over 200 self managed super funds (SMSFs) in Australia. We can advise on the appropriateness of a SMSF for your situation, and arrange establishment and all other compliance documentation.

Our self managed super fund (SMSF) services include:

  • Preparation of annual financial and investment performance reports
  • Preparation and lodgement of annual taxation and regulatory returns
  • Establishment of an SMSF
  • Trustee minutes and investment policy documents as required
  • Investment strategy advice
  • Rolling existing superannuation to an SMSF
  • Use of SMSF structures to buy property
  • Annual audit and advice on maintaining a compliant SMSF
  • Advice regarding non-concessional contributions and super splitting
  • Guidance on insurance within your super
  • Transition to Retirement Planning
  • Advice on what happens to your super upon your death
  • Review of trust deeds and trust structures
  • Advice regarding Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements

Superannuation in Australia

According to a current OECD report, one in four senior Australians lives in poverty. Some 96% of retirees need some form of government assistance. Only 4% get it right. Moreover, current super funding levels of 9% will provide between 50% and 60% of the person’s employment income in retirement. This means there is a savings shortfall.

The onus is on you and your super

With an aging population, we can’t rely on the Government to fund the shortfall. By 2020, two thirds of the population will be retired and only one third working. So it’s now more important than ever to compare superannuation options, including self managed super funds (SMSFs), to ensure you have enough money in retirement.

Take a look at our ‘Best super option’ page, as well as our ‘Insurance’ page, for more information on the factors you should consider when you compare superannuation options. Alternatively, contact our superannuation specialists to arrange a free, impartial, no-obligation super review where you can find out more about the pros and cons of managed superannuation funds and self managed super funds (SMSFs) in Australia.