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Helping you compare life insurance policies and the best insurance products

Before you start to compare life insurance policies in search of the best life insurance, consider this – a majority of people in Perth and across Australia are under insured. Many people minimise risk by searching for the best insurance products for their house and cars, but not their lives and incomes.

Assessing the best insurance products

Talk to our team and you’ll find our holistic approach to financial planning, investing and superannuation extends to insurance. Minimising or mitigating risk should be a key part of any financial planning and accounting strategy. As such, we can do more than simply help you compare life insurance policies and secure the best life insurance – our insurance specialists can advise you on all of your personal insurance needs.

  • Personal life insurance – pays a lump sum upon death of the insured
  • Income protection insurance – pays a monthly benefit up to 75% of a person’s salary up to age 65 (after a waiting period, which can be from 14 days to 2 years)
  • Critical illness insurance – pays a lump sum upon the diagnosis of specific illnesses (any of 40 specified illnesses, with the main ones being cancer, heart attack and stroke)
  • Total and permanent disability cover – pays a lump sum upon the insured being permanently disabled
  • Business insurance – a key part of business succession planning, providing cover in the event of the illness, disability or death of a partner or key stakeholder within a given business

Take the time to find the best insurance products for you

Everyone is different. The best life insurance policy or combination of policies for someone else, might not suit you. That’s where talking to our advisers can help you make the right choices when you compare life insurance policies and the pros and cons of the best insurance products.

Generally, people are more vulnerable when they have young families and they are in the process of building assets. However, this is often the time they can least afford the insurance premiums. This is where the option of holding some or all of the cover within superannuation can assist as the premiums can effectively be paid out of pre-tax rather than post-tax dollars – definitely something worth considering when you compare life insurance policies.

Insurance within or outside of superannuation

The major advantage of holding insurance cover within a superannuation fund is that it reduces the net cost and can therefore increase the level of affordable cover for the best life insurance and personal insurance products. Additionally, members of employer superannuation funds are generally entitled to an automatically accepted amount of cover where they do not require medical underwriting – email our insurance advisers for more details.

Take a look at our insurance case study for more information. Alternatively, contact our financial planners about appraising the best insurance products and how to compare life insurance policies – you might find that holding insurance cover within your superannuation is the best life insurance option for you.